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Cooking teams receive six slabs of ribs, six whole cut-up chickens and ten pounds of ground beef & slider rolls.  Teams must compete in the ribs and chicken categories and have a choice of either beef sliders or the open category.  Teams may have up to two grills or smokers. 



Barbecue Chicken
Round Two

Chicken is perhaps the most versatile and most popular poultry for competative barbecue.
Each team will be furnished with six whole (cut up) chickens which can be grilled, smoked or baked or any way you please. 

Baby Back Ribs
Round One

Smoking and roasting pork ribs is the quintessential barbecue favorite.
Each team will be furnished with at least six slabs of ribs for the first round of grilling and smoking.

Waygu Beef Sliders
Round Three

The hamburger is as iconic as baseball, hot dogs and apple pie.  Each team will be provided with up to ten pounds of ground beef and slider buns. Teams can wow the crowd and judges with their unique spin on an iconic American favorite.

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